1x8 - Mash-Up

Ah, the Glee slushie run. Is this a big thing in America because I can’t even think of where to buy a slushie here.

Cultural differences tackled by Glee.

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1x7 - Throwdown

This week, Glee smashes the fourth wall with a sledgehammer.

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1x6 - Vitamin D

The dancing this week is even worse than usual oh god-

Oh it’s a plot point.

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One Stupid Glee Thing Per Episode: The Rhodes Not Taken & Will + April’s Karaoke 

1x5 - The Rhodes Not Taken

Oh wow we get a recap this week.

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One Stupid Glee Thing Per Episode: Preggers & Sue C’s It

Kurt #1

Now seems to be an apt time to talk about Kurt. 

What a sweetheart. Maybe needs a confidence boost, but he seems to be trying so hard. Actually joining the football team and everything.What a trooper.

But why oh why does he think people will be surprised that he’s gay? I didn’t even realise it was supposed to be a secret at first.

I hope he grows out of this phase.

1x4 - Preggers

We’re starting with a dance routine in a basement. That bodes well.

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One Stupid Glee Thing Per Episode: Acafellas & Cougar Hunting

1x3 - Acafellas

I feel this episode’s catchphrase for me is going to be “…Terri…”

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